“Cereal, cereal, cereal…I couldn’t eat it fast enough. It was in the third grade that I developed a huge appetite for breakfast cereal after seeing that with just six box tops and $5, I could send away for a camera. Of course, the camera was no bargain for six box tops and five bucks, but it was my first camera and I fell in love with photography.

When I turned 14, I worked an entire summer to pay for my first single lens reflex, a Canon Ftb QL. During the years that followed, I shot anything and everything. After school, I would spend my evenings in the school darkroom. I was pretty proud of being the only student given a key. It was in high school that I realized I had more photography in my veins than blood, and I discovered my life’s passion.


After high school, I started college and, of course, felt I had to start taking life seriously. I decided on a business degree, after which followed a serious career. Now years later, I have realized the importance of making time each day to not take life so seriously. With the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I now pursue my passion for photography.


Whether you are looking for a Boudoir, Fine Art Nude, Fashion or Wedding photographer I hope you will consider hiring me. In fact, any photo session involving people is a job I excel at. I am also happy to share my children’s photography if you are a parent and interested in seeing some of my children’s portraits.


Perry Gallagher Photographing People Perfectly.”




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