What you Need to Know #33

A couple of years ago, I saw this one-piece outfit online somewhere, and my imagination took off! I knew there was a fantastic shoot with this costume in my future. I had a particular type of model in mind. At the time, I didn’t know who, but I knew it would come to me one day. That day, I met Elena at her personal pole studio to try out some 360 videos of her doing pole; she is a world-class pole dancer/artist.

What you Need to Know #32

Everything about being in front of the camera comes naturally for Jayme. For example, she knows to point the edge of her hand toward the camera because she is holding her hand in her hair. This prevents the hand from looking unnaturally large. We really don’t think of our hands as large, but if you hold your hand open next to your head facing a mirror, palm toward the mirror, you will see what I mean.

What you Need to Know #31

My friend Roxanne was in LA for a short visit some time ago. She made some time for a quick shoot with me for one of the two afternoons she would be in town. We literally had no place to shoot the day we were going to shoot. The places I would usually shoot were just not available.

What you Need to Know #28

We were shooting in what I like to call the Blue Room because of the baby blue painted walls when I decided to turn on a bedside reading lamp behind me to my right. Trisha was backlit by the late afternoon sun coming in through the window above and behind her.

What you Need to Know #3

On the 7th of April 17 years ago I met Lindsay for the first time for a photoshoot. She was lovely and a pleasure to photograph. She had and still has such beautiful energy. We captured a lot of great images during our brief afternoon shoot. I know neither of us ever imagined that life would reintroduce us 12 years later.

What you Need to Know #1

Generally in my photography, I aim for intimacy and photograph my subjects up close. I try my best to capture the beauty and the soul of the person I photograph. Usually, I achieve this by filling the frame of the image with my subject. But sometimes you can reveal more about a person from a distance, such as in this photograph. Or, am I revealing more of MY feelings about this addict and his life choices.

What you Need to Know #4

This past weekend Lindsay and I went to Saratoga in northern California for a Pastel workshop Lindsay had been looking forward to attending with a world-class artist. While Lindsay was perfecting her pastel skills during the day Saturday and Sunday I went exploring with my camera. Saturday I drove into San Francisco to photograph some of the street life.

What you Need to Know #30

Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph several beautiful floral arrangements for a local florist, 4 Seasons Creations. Suzy and her husband are two of the greatest people I have met. I love it when you walk into an establishment or someone’s home and instantly feel the abundance of positive energy, they had it in abundance.

What you Need to Know #2

I had borrowed this armor bikini from my good friend Tony Swatton, owner of Sword and Stone. He makes a lot of armor, swords, knives, and other REALLY COOL stuff for film and television. Over the years of our friendship, he has been incredibly generous in lending me some fun props for shoots.

What you Need to Know #5

For her modeling portfolio. I love all of the lines in this image. It all came together for me the closer I got to the floor. Typically, not always, but typically you want to shoot fashion from a lower angle with as long a lens as possible to compress the background and to make your model stand out.