What you need to know about this photograph...

On the 7th of April 17 years ago I met Lindsay for the first time for a photoshoot. She was lovely and a pleasure to photograph. She had and still has such beautiful energy. We captured a lot of great images during our brief afternoon shoot. I know neither of us ever imagined that life would reintroduce us 12 years later.
It was perfect timing. We had our first date on St Pattrick’s Day and the spark grew into a flame, we fell in love. We got married last year on St. Patrick’s Day exactly 5 years after our first date. We got tired of waiting for Covid to go away and give us the opportunity to have our ideal small wedding with family and friends. We made an appointment at the “Same Day Wedding Service” in North Hollywood and got married. It was BEAUTIFUL!! I filmed it on my Insta360 OneX2 attached to a belt around my waist, it is visually very trippy and fun!! Maybe I could edit a shorter version and share it here.
As you know very little of my photography includes clothing. This photograph was one that I felt most confident I could share here on FaceBook without going to FaceBook jail. With such a beautiful smile you probably didn’t notice that this is a nude photograph.
When I purchased my first camera from the back of a cereal box in third grade I never imagined the effect photography would have in my life. The people I have met, the lives that I have changed through my photography. The impact on the lives of some of the people I have photographed has been life-changing and I am grateful to have been able to experience this with them. In meeting Lindsay years later and now married to such an amazing woman I know that I have received the greatest life-changing gift of all.
Wherever my passion for photography came from I am eternally grateful for all of the beauty it has brought into my life. I have told my closest friends I don’t believe I would be alive today if not for my photography.
I remember years ago a woman I met in New York at a breakfast diner. Sitting at the counter chatting with her about why I was carrying a camera and my aspirations for photography this woman told me that she believed that I was born a photographer and will always be a photographer even when doing something else for a living. She told me when I meet someone to introduce myself as a photographer because that is who I am. Her words ring true today.
Back to my beautiful wife!! When I see her smiling I am so happy I saw the ad on the back of the Cap-n-Crunch cereal box offering a camera for $5 and three box tops. It was that morning eating breakfast before school that I took my first step in many towards the woman of my dreams, the woman I am intended to spend the rest of my life with. It was a long journey but worth every step. Now I take each step with her loving hand in mine.
Here are the details of how this photograph was captured…
Canon 85mm f/1.2 L series lens shot at f/3.5, 1/60 sec, ISO-200.